Where on earth is Charity?

I am in Wyoming!! Wyoming is a state in the middle of the USA, just north of Utah and Colorado. My friend, K who’s also a harpist at MSM, has a ranch there that consists of a beautiful house, and several cottages (that her family lets out for Airbnb btw!!). After spending almost the entire of the academic year in the bustling metropolis of NYC, I thought that this is a much welcomed break from city life – and to emerge myself in nature and fresh air once again. Wyoming is also home to the Yellowstone National Park which is THE first national park in the USA and possibly the world!!

Wyoming bordered by Colorado, Utah, Idaho and Montana etc. Also it is home to Yellowstone National Park!!

I just arrived today after a flight from NYC’s LaGuardia Airport to Denver, Colorado then from Denver to Cody, Wyoming. So far it’s been open spaces, mountains, horses, K and her wonderful family and their adorable dog that I’ve been hanging out with.

But enough about Wyoming for now, my 2 month blogging hiatus is now broken yey. Past months were really busy due to the end of semester rush as usual haha. But that’s all over now and I thank God for relatively good results and a semester that I’ve learnt so very much. Not just about harp, but also about jazz, Puccini, artistry and patience. And as usual, I count myself very lucky to be living in NYC where the world’s greatest musicians perform frequently – and there were some phenomenal concerts I attended since I last blogged!!

Jabez also came to NYC to celebrate my birthday with me and to visit me in general ehehe!! LDR is not the easiest thing in the world but he is the most patient and kind person ever and being able to go through this with him is a blessing :’) Also, I thank God for Aunty CL, Uncle KS and PAL and family for visiting NYC also! Always such a joy to see fellow Singaporeans and to share with them this wonderful city that I call my second home!

OK I DO HAVE SO MANY PICTURES TO SHARE. Unfortunately, the wifi is not the fastest but it’s ok! I’ll do a photo-dump in my next blog post so that you may feast your eyes.

But for now, a sleepy, jet-lagged Charity must go to bed for tomorrow a long day awaits.

Delight yourself in the Lord; And He will give you the desires of your heart. Psalms 37:4



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