What’s big, beautiful, and has more strings than ten violins put together?

The harp, that’s what, and we’re bringing it closer to you.
It isn’t just an instrument for the angelic or the elegant; it’s for everyone who’s curious about what this 47-stringed oddity can do.
Looking for a harpist to play at your events, or thinking about learning the harp? Let us know!
Come enj0y the sights and sounds in our cosy little corner of the internet,
and let us excite you with a delightful new approach to the wonders of the harp!


Hello, I am Charity,
and this page gives clarity;
About the things I’ve been up to,
specifically, my musical pursuits.


If music be the food of love,
the harp must come from above.
It can play just any tune,
careful now, for you might swoon.


Some might learn the piano,
others, the violin or banjo.
Why not try something different,
the harp might be your instrument!


Don’t be shy, drop me a line,
email or text – it’s all fine!
Or if you’re a millennial like me
you can find me on IG!

“Where words fail, music speaks.

Hans Christian Andersen