The first day of Spring

Some of you have been asking why I post so infrequently! Well the main reason is that  most of my days consist of going to school, work (yes, I have a job now refer to previous post) and practice so I don’t really want to have tonnes of posts talking about how classes, practices, and work went. So yes, what you read on my blog is a carefully curated version of what actually happens in reality haha. Contrary to popular belief, I don’t actually spend all my time going out, or watching concerts – I’m very much a school-going student, trying to figure out what all of this can amount to someday.

Last week, the North-East got hit by Blizzard Stella and up till yesterday NYC has been crawling back up onto its feet. Piles and piles of snow everywhere – and c’mon! It’s march already, I’m so done with wearing winter gear.

Heaps of snow!
Sakura Park in the wintry weather

But now that’s all done and today is the first day of Spring! It’s very interesting to see how the seasons come and go and how the light changes with the seasons. Coming from Singapore I never thought about these things – I never even checked the weather app to find out that day’s forecast. I just knew that I had to bring my umbrella everywhere I go and I’ll be fine.

Two weeks back I had some really good Korean food with the YST gang!! We had dinner at Soju Haus in Ktown and the price was not bad too. It’s barbecue food but the chefs barbecue the food for you so you don’t have to walk out the restaurant smelling like oil and pork belly. We also went shopping for an aloe vera moisturiser hahaha

Buy 3 get 1 free! 

I also managed to take a trip to the Natural History museum with L and M! It’s my second time there and it’s still very interesting (:

The African plains exhibition
The best part about the museum!!

Last week, my harp teach invited us to watch harpist Xavier de Maistre’s dress rehearsal for his concert last Wednesday. He was playing on an 18th century harp owned by queen Marie Antoinette of France!! The harp is smaller and less chromatic than our modern day pedal harps.

Xavier de Maistre with the Les Arts Florissants baroque music ensemble

He played two harp concerti by Krumpholtz and Hermann. It was SO lovely to hear these pieces played on a period harp! We can finally hear how it actually was for audiences of the 18th century to listen to harp music – everything then is much lighter and has a more natural bounce.

Checking out Xavier’s harp. And he is SUCH a great harpist I have so much respect and admiration for how he plays

Last Friday, I brought my Surface Pro charger to the Microsoft store on 5th Ave as it wasn’t working properly. I was touched by how the staff there, upon checking that my charger was truly not working, simply proceeded to giving me a brand new one! I was in and out of the store in 15 mins! Thank God for such kind people around (:

After my trip to the Microsoft store I decided to take a leisurely walk back to my apartment! It was a nice walk to savour the last few days of winter. It’s a peaceful feeling to see the landscape blanketed in white.

Central Park
Riverside Park
A synagogue on 83rd and Central Park West

“Therefore there is no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus.” Romans 8:1 



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