New roommate

Everybody meet Josie! She’s a domestic short-haired cat and my landlady just adopted her. She’s very affectionate and loves human contact and interaction. She is also really smart! When I want her to leave my room, I just need to open the door and wave for her to leave, and she will jog out. :O

Isn’t she a cutie?!

Clara, my very good friend from secondary school stayed over last week (: I haven’t seen her since 2012 I think and it’s so good to finally meet her again! It’s funny because Josie arrived when Clara was still here, and Clara is allergic (and scared) of cats. So she spent most of her time hiding in my room haha.

A decade of friendship!

On her last night here, we went to this indian food place called Doaba Deli and it’s on 106th and Columbus Avenue. It’s literally a hole in the wall, very small so not much sitting room. But we were fortunate  and we managed to have our dinner there (: It’s mostly naan, chapati and curries. It was vegetarian too!

You could pick any 4 types of curries. I had a mango lassi too (:
Really narrow dining area

This week I tried cooking chicken thigh! So most people would bake chicken thigh because they are really thick and so pan-frying them would not really cook the insides well. Either that or by the time the insides are cooked, the outsides are burnt. So that was what happened basically. I had semi-chaoda chicken for my dinners this week. But the taste was still pretty good ((:

I see this a lot in NYC – there is filming going on everyday in this bustling cities for news, sitcoms, movies etc. Anybody watch Blueblood?

Anyway, for those of you who are reading this, please remember me in your prayers if you can as school has been getting busy for me, and there has been so much repertoire to learn so it gets overwhelming at times. I’ve been enjoying the journey though – but as journeys go it’s not always smooth-sailing and can get trying.

So I’m gonna leave you with this–




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You’received in my prayer daily. However trying it may be, God is with you always and you will get through this. 🙂


Hello next time sear your chicken haha! Either coat the pan with enough oil/butter till it starts to heat up(when bubbles appear) or u leave the chicken on the heated pan let its fat cook it (you need a very good non-stick pan for this).Do it at medium heat:)add in mushrooms or cabbage that will naturally produce water under heat so your chicken wont get burnt too quickly 🙂

You will get better


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