Suddenly cold-ish

The temperature in NYC went from mid-/high- twenties to about mid-/low- tens last Saturday! Went to sleep on Friday night when it was still about 25 degrees celcius outside, then woke up in the morning to a 16 degrees celcius :O Amazing what a night can do.

Ch and D visited NYC last week and it was sooo nice to be able to see familiar faces again! It’s always a nice feeling to see people from home when abroad (:

School has been getting busy! And sometimes I get anxious, but then when I remember the God who’s in control, I start to look at things from a different perspective and I become less worried.

Alfresco dining at Sakura Park
V, D and Ch playing Pokemon Go!
We’re so happy Ch was with us!!
Chinese takeout near school!
Oh! This is my BETA group from church (cell group)
Sometimes I am artsy
View from D’s favourite practice room 

“And who is this mediator – true God and at the same time truly human and truly righteous? Our Lord Jesus Christ, who was given us to set us completely free and to make us right with God”
Heidelberg Catechism 18

2 replies on “Suddenly cold-ish”

Hi Charity,
Is alway a joy to read your post and get your update. Thank God that u are adapting well over there. Weather is getting cold there. Keep yourself warm enough ya. Take care dear.😊😘


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