Finally, today was orchestra audition day. It was interesting for me as it was my first time taking a blind audition. What this means is that the panel of judges and the candidates are separated by a screen to ensure a more ‘fair’ judgement. haha I thought the screen helped me feel less nervous to a certain extent. I could do weird/wacky movements to help me feel more at home in the audition hall, you know, just to relax more. There was a point in the first Stravinsky’s Symphony in Three Movements excerpt that I flapped my arms ever so slightly to help myself internalise the beat :)) But overall, the audition was eh, ok I guess. Some things went well, but some things I wish went better. But it’s ok, we all learn from our experiences.

After the audition, I’d thought I give myself a little breather, to get out of the school building and to explore the city more. Well, more accurately I needed to bring my Surface Pro to a Microsoft store to get it checked. It’s completely new, barely a week old, but it has hanged twice in the past two days – and that is unacceptable for a new tablet! So I brought my Surface to the nearest Microsoft Store at Columbus Circle and the wonderful technicians there assured me that all I needed to do was install updates regularly so that the Surface Pro can work more smoothly! So current and future owners of a Surface Pro, remember to update your tablet regularly!

Then, I headed to Central Park for a leisurely afternoon stroll. Summer time is a busy time for Central Park! Even though it was during office hours, there were still people of all ages jogging, cycling or just chilling out on the grass. There were some cool jazz bands busking in the park too. And of course – horses, with their carriages in tow, strutted by every once in a while.

Breakfast situation

Horse carriages in Central Park

Central Park – a nest of green amidst a concrete jungle

meh I tried to do a panorama shot of Columbus circle, but I need wider angle lenses

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Nice to know that your audition went smoothly. Is really good to take time out to enjoy God’s creation. I still could remember the last time we went Central Park together and really took us a while to walk through the park. 🙂 Do keep up with the blog so we will know your way of living in NYC and will continue to keep you in prayer. 🙂


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